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LDS Drapery Specs

Last updated: January 2008


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Modified Source Description
07 Jan 08 Michael Jesnson Revised Carole fabric selections
21 Sep 07 Michael Jenson Revised fabric selections.
06 Aug 07 Michael Jenson Revised fabric selections.
08 Jun 06 Michael Jenson Added Rockland Industries blackout drape.


1. Although ALL submittals are important and required, make certain specified submittals for this Section are correct and complete. Some fabricators regularly provide sub-standard ‘knock-off’ fabrics that do not meet code-required fireproofing nor provide Church with expected longevity.
2. Contact individual fabric suppliers, NOT DRAPERY FABRICATOR, for memo samples to determine color and pattern selections to be specified. Compare memo samples with drapery sample to make certain specified fabrics are used in draperies provided. ‘Knock-off’ fabrics are usually not fire-treated and are lighter weight. Fabric supplier can confirm if fabricator has ordered specified products, if there are questions as to use of specfied fabrics.


MEETINGHOUSE: Only specified fabrics, as obtained through specified suppliers, are acceptable. Do not allow use of ‘knock-offs’ from other suppliers.

MEETINGHOUSE: Blackout drapes are authorized in Chapels where satellite broadcasts will occur, in meeting-house rooms used for seminary classes, and where approved by Project Manager. Indicate on Drapery Sched-ule in Drawings where blackout drapes are required, if not already indicated.

SECTION 12 2200


PART 1 –

1.1     SUMMARY

A.   Includes But Not Limited To
1.    Furnish and install draperies, curtains, and hardware as described in Contract Documents.


A.   Reference Standards:
1.    National Fire Protection Association / American National Standards Institute:
a.     NFPA / ANSI 701-2004, ‘Fire Tests for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Films.’


A.   Action Submittals:
1.    Product Data:
a.   Flame-proofing literature.
2.    Samples:
a.   24 inch 600 mm wide and 48 inch 1,200 mm high sample including all specified elements of finished curtains, including flame retardant certification tag. Do not fabricate Project drapes until sample has been reviewed and approved by Architect.
b.   Submit sample with Product Data submittal. Sample will serve as standard by which to evaluate Project curtains.

B.   Informational Submittals:
1.    Certificate of flame-proofing.

C.   Closeout Submittals:
1.    Operations And Maintenance Data: Include following in Operations And Maintenance Manual specified in Section 01 7800:
a.     Fabric Supplier’s literature or cut sheets on fabric.
b.     Curtain Rod Manufacturer’s literature or cut sheets.
c.     Color and style selection.
d.     Operating and maintenance instructions.


A.   Regulatory Requirements: Material used shall be inherently flame retardant with a flame spread rating meeting code requirements when tested in accordance with ANSI / NFPA 701. Attach permanent tag to each panel attesting to flame retardant quality of material used.



A.   Manufacturers / Suppliers:
1.    Carole, Augusta, GA www.carolefabrics.com.
2.    Charles Samulsen, New York City, NY www.csamelson.com.
3.    Conso / Wright, West Warren, MI www.conso.com.
4.    Coral, Div Charles Samelson, New York City, NY www.coralofchicago.com.
5.    Hanes Fabric Co, Conover, NC www.hanesfabric.com.
6.    InterSpec, Allenwood, NJ (800) 526-2800 or (732) 938-4114.
7.    Kirsch Co, Freeport, IL www.kirsch.com.
8.    Maharam, Hauppage, NY www.maharam.com.
9.    Rockland Industries Inc, Baltimore, MD www.roc-lon.com.
10.   Rowley Co, Gastonia, NC. www.rowleyco.com.
11.   Graber Div of Springs Industries, Montgomery, PA www.graberblinds.com.

B.   Materials:
1.    Fabric:
a.   Category Four Approved Products. See Section 01 6200 for definitions of Categories.

* M MC * * * CN RI: Following THREE paragraphs. Include first sentence in Edit Note in Canadian and R & I Masters.

EDIT REQUIRED: Projects using Pre-Set Color Schemes. Normally, select either opaque or casement fabric. If both are desired, locations for each should be specified or included in drapery schedule on Drawings. Select one of the colors that coordinates with Church color scheme being used. No other colors are authorized without written approval of Project Manager after submission of a color board. Edit to specify only one fabric and color for each category used.

1)    Off-White Opaque Drapery:
a)5th Avenue, Park Avenue; or Bourbon Street by Coral: Off-White, Ivory, or Cameo.
b)Fayette, Rosette, or Dixie by Interspec: White.
2)    Casements:
a)Handcart by Carole: White, Snow.
b)Krafty or Dayton by Carole: White
c)Snowbird by InterSpec: Ivory, White.
d)Layton by InterSpec: White.
e)Zanzibar #01 by Maharam.
3)    Blackout Drapery.
a)Liteless by Coral.
b)FlameTrol 540 – White by Hanes.
c)Roc-Lon Budget Blackout (3-pass) FR, white/white or ivory/white by Rockland Industries.

* * * * * CN RI: Following FOUR paragraphs.

EDIT REQUIRED: R & I Projects where Church color schemes are not being used. Edit to specify only one fabric and color for each category used.

4)    Casements:
a)Handcart by Carole: White, Snow.
b)Krafty or Dayton by Carole: White
c)Layton by InterSpec: White.
d)Snowbird by InterSpec: Ivory, White.
e)Zanzibar #01 by Maharam.
5)    Opaques:
a)5th Avenue, Park Avenue, or Bourbon Street by Coral.
b)Fayette, Rosette, or Dixie by Interspec: White.
c)Petals by InterSpec: 0 White, 3 Fawn, 15 Sand, 32 Dune, 13 Seafoam, 46 Tearose, 17 Steel.
d)Leaves by Carole: Pearl, Bisque, Dune, Wood Rose, Powder, Reflection
6)    Blackout Drapery.
a)Liteless by Coral.
b)FlameTrol 540 – White by Hanes.
c)Roc-Lon Budget Blackout (3-pass) FR, white/white or ivory/white by Rockland Industries.

EDIT REQUIRED: Sheers are authorized only as replacements for existing sheer curtains.

7)    Sheers:
a)Sephen by Coral: Ivory, Champagne.
b)Monet by Charles Samelson: Ivory, Champagne.
2.Crinoline / Buckram:
a.Heavy or Extra Heavy grade, 4 inches 100 mm wide, woven permanent goods.
b.   Type Two Acceptable Products:
1)   BW74 by R H Rowley Co.
2)61421 by Conso.
3)   Equal as approved by Architect before use. See Section 01 6200.
3.    Drapery Hooks: Stainless steel, standard 1-1/2 inch 38 mm hook with pointed hook top.
4.Drapery Rods:
a.   Rods shall be sufficient width, window width plus 1/3, to allow drape to stack clear of window opening but no wider. This requirement may be modified as follows:
1)Where Drawings detail differently.
2)   Where wall, cabinets, mechanical equipment, or other obstruction requires modification.
3)   Where symmetry of a room would indicate desirability of an exception.
b.   Traverse rods shall include wall or floor mounted tension pulleys for endless cord operation.
c.   Category Four Approved Products. See Section 01 6200 for definitions of Categories.
a)‘Super Fine’: Less than 15 feet 4500 mm long.
b)‘Architrac‘: 15 feet 4500 mm long and longer.
2)Graber Super Heavy Duty 600 Series by Springs Industries.

1.Double top and bottom hems unless specifically specified otherwise.
2.Provide necessary weights at seam and side hems.
3.Fullness shall be minimum of 2-1/2 times width of space covered by drape.
4.Space pleats 4 inches 100 mm maximum center of pleat to center of pleat.
5.Drapes shall have:
a.Fabric inspected over back-lite table for flaws.
b.Straight, even blind-stitched side and bottom hems.
c.Seams hidden beside pleats.
d.Joined seams serged and overcast with no puckering.
e.     4 inch 100 mm double bottom hems and headings.
f.1 1/2 inch double side hem.
g.     2 inch 50 mm overlap, total of 4 inches 100 mm on pair.
h.Stack-off of 1/3 of window width.
i.Specified woven, permanent crinoline / buckram used in heading.
j.Seams match up on bottom hems.
k.Corners of bottom hems closed with hand stitching.
l.Pleats evenly spaced to size.
m.    Straight edge across top after pleating.
n.Straight, even folds.
o.Polyester thread matching fabric color for seams and hems.

PART 3 –


EDIT REQUIRED: Select ONE of following three Options.

OPTION ONE: List acceptable drapery fabricators who you are certain will follow the specifications. Include minimum of three or as many as five or six.

A.   Category Four Approved Fabricators. See Section 01 6200 for definitions of Categories.
1.    Colton Inc. 3455 S. 3600 W. Salt Lake City, UT 84119. 801-969-3453, 800-437-6488, www.coltoninc.com.
2.<Insert Approved Fabricator>.
3.<Insert Approved Fabricator>.

OPTION TWO: If pre-qualification is used to determine approved fabricators, include paragraph below and delete approved installer list above.

B.Acceptable drapery fabricators will be pre-approved and included in Construction Documents by Addendum.

OPTION THREE: If specification to be left open for bidding, delete Article on Fabricators.
Curtains And Drapes – 4 – 12 2200


A. Install tracks, wall or ceiling mount, with mounting device head no larger than No. 6, to yield direct withdrawal strength of 25 lbs 11 kg minimum.
B. Support spacing to be as recommended in Manufacturer’s literature.
C. Install blackout drapery as a separate drape on a separate rod behind primary drape.


A.   Tracks to be free of marring, scratches, and foreign material.