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Free R & I Drapery Inspection Service

Colton Inc. now offers a free inspection service that you can use in your annual R & I. Colton Inc. will send a salesperson to your location and do a physical inspection of all the draperies, rods, stage curtains and track in each of the buildings in your group. They will then put together a detailed report outlining the condition of the draperies, give recommendations on when certain draperies should be replaced, and provide a cost estimate for their replacement.

In addition, we will take measurements for all draperies throughout the FM Group and keep them on file in the event that you need to order draperies in the future. We will already have all the info we need on file to complete the order over the phone with minimal delays.

We provide this service at no cost to you. We won’t even bill you for travel expenses. The report is yours to use absolutely free. To request a inspection Click Here or call 800-437-6488 to have a sales representative schedule a time for the inspection.